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02.08 Migos – Culture (2017)


Artist…….: Migos
Album……..: Culture
Label……..: Because Music
Genre……..: Rap
Source…….: CD (LP)…..: 2017-02-07…..: 2017-01-27
Quality……: 239kbps/44.1kHz/Joint Stereo

track title time

1. Culture (feat. DJ Khaled) 2:33
2. T-Shirt 4:02
3. Call Casting 3:52
4. Bad and Boujee (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) 5:43
5. Get Right Witcha 4:17
6. Slippery (feat. Gucci Mane) 5:04
7. Big On Big 4:50
8. What The Price 4:08
9. Brown Paper Bag 3:31
10. Deadz feat. 2 Chainz 4:34
11. All Ass 4:54
12. Kelly Price (feat. Travis Scott) 6:03
13. Out Yo Way 4:48

Runtime 58:19
Size 100.07

Release Notes:

We don’t usually pre rap, but this one goes out to our old friend K*** from
RAGEMP3. Miss you bro.

“When Atlanta creator (and Childish Gambino mastermind) Donald Glover shouted
out Migos during an acceptance speech at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards, he made
public what many in the rap world already knew: Migos are bonafide stars.
Culture tracks like ôBad and Boujee,ö ôT-Shirt,ö ôBrown Paper Bag,ö and ôWhat
the Priceö capture their unique styleùcontagious anthems marked with trap funk
and start-stop and tripled-up flows. ItÆs a glorious victory lap from the
reigning mouths of the South, complete with a Dab at the finish.”

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